Get that exact shot you've seen on Socials !

Who has never been so frustrated to see pictures in Montmartre and wanting to recreate them but without figuring out the exact location ? Well well… it's your lucky day ! We are going to give you the EXACT locations to recreate them. Are you ready ? Let’s get started !

Square Louise Michel

That spot is 1 in 2 ! On one side you'll have the Church as a background, and on the other side you'll get the most amazing view on the city of Light. Which one is your favorite ?

Montmartre Family photoshoot
Montmartre family photographer

Rue Azais

Let's continue with my favorite spot ever; at the corner of rue Azais ! As you stand on diagonal of the church, it gives beautiful lines and perspective. The only "annoying" part is that traffic sign but after all this is the real Paris ! Isn't it ?

Montmartre family photography
Montmartre family videographer

Place du Tertre

This lively, historic Parisian square is one of the best-known attractions in Montmartre famous for its many caricaturists and painters. It's also the most perfect place to sit down, have a café and take the perfect shot !

Best photo guide Montmartre
Best photo spot in Montmartre

Escaliers du calvaire

Take the time to sit down and and remake the world while contemplating the view <3



Montmartre couple videographer
Montmartre photo location

La Maison Rose

Paris building are rarely colorful and mostly grey. I love that spot because it gives a little joy and colors !

Cross the sidewalk at the red-light as a real Parisian but don't get run over by a car !

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Best Engagement photographer Paris

Rue Cortot

Right before la maison Rose you can't miss Rue Cortot. It almost feels like we aren't in Paris. It is for good reason that Montmartre is well known to be a little village inside of the city !

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Best Elopement photographer Paris