Laura & Jack

Laura and Jack, based in Liverpool, chose the stunning Chateau de Villette in France for their luxury wedding, where I had the honor of being their photographer. The day began with enchanting getting-ready photos, followed by an intimate ceremony and an elegant dinner. If you're dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding in a French castle, let these unforgettable moments inspire you to book your own castle wedding <3

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Getting ready pictures
bride shoes
bride getting ready
Bride and groom getting ready in bed
wedding details
Bride waiting for groom
Luxury wedding details
Wedding flat lay
Bride & groom getting ready portraits
bride & groom private vows
Bride & groom exchanging vows
Bride & groom under veil
Wedding ring
Bride & groom under veil portraits
Luxury bride & groom portraits
Castle wedding portraits
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Dinner table castle wedding
Intimate wedding dinner
Intimate wedding reception
Bride & groom discovering wedding table
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Castle wedding table
Bride and groom kissing at castle
Bride and groom castle exit