Alejandra & Alejandro

Capturing Alejandra and Alejandro's pre-wedding bliss in the enchanting city of Paris was a dream come true. Against the timeless backdrop of Pont Alexandre III and the iconic Eiffel Tower, their love story unfolded in a magical dance of lights and romance. This Mexican couple, brought their vibrant energy to the heart of Paris, creating a symphony of emotions in each photograph.

The story began with Alejandro's heartfelt Valentine's Day proposal at Plaza Athénée, setting the stage for a breathtaking pre-wedding photoshoot. We had the chance to witnessed the genuine connection between the two, their laughter echoing across the Seine River. From intimate moments around the Eiffel Tower to the grandeur of Pont Alexandre III, every frame captured the essence of their love. Paris, with its charm, became a silent witness to this beautiful chapter in Alejandra and Alejandro's journey, immortalized in a collection of images that radiate pure joy and romance.

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