Sissi & Clément

As photographers we witnessed the magic unfold at the iconic Gare de Lyon train station where Clément eagerly awaited Sissi's arrival. Their reunion was filled with palpable emotion, setting the perfect tone for the rest of the shoot. Moving to the enchanting l'Île de la Cité, Clément's heartfelt proposal added another layer of romance to the session. Each click of our cameras immortalized their vintage love story, encapsulating the essence of their relationship from the tender letters they exchanged to their meticulously chosen outfits. It was a privilege to document such a timeless and deeply personal moment between two souls from different corners of the world.

Vintage Love
Boyfriend waiting for his girlfriend at the train station
Lovers reunited
Lovers reunited after months
Lovers reunited at train station
Boyfriend taking pictures of his girlfriend
Couple kissing in front of le train bleu restaurant
Couple at gare de lyon
Couple quais de seine
Vintage Paris
Love letters
Love letters
Lovers in Paris
Paris proposal
Paris proposal