Alina & Ivann

Alina, a Ukrainian beauty, and Ivann, a charming Frenchman, celebrated their wedding at the stunning Château Villette. Their first photo shoot featured Ivana in a glamorous red outfit, exuding elegance and passion. For the second shoot, the couple embraced tradition with Ivana donning a classic white gown, symbolizing purity and timeless love <3

red wedding dress
Roses wedding chair setup
Castle wedding bride & groom
Wedding dress & flowers details
Wedding details
Bride & groom in castle garden
Bride and groom walking in garden
Castle wedding bride & groom
French castle wedding villette
Chateau de villette
Groom portrait
Bride ans groom perspective
wedding flat lay details
bride an groom walking up the stairs
bride playing with dress
Wedding details flat lay
Bride & groom in castle garden
Bride & groom laughing